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The beaches in Fortaleza

South from Fortaleza are incredible beaches that every tourist should visit. The main beaches are: Porto das Dunas, Morro Branco, Fontes, Uruaú, Canoa Quebrada, Praia do Futuro and Praia do Meireles.

Porto das Dunas: This spectaculary beautiful beach has the biggest beach park of Brazil.

Morro Branco: Certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is Morro Branco. Here you can take a walk trough a labyrinth of gorges (photo).

Uruaú: Just a few kilometers from Morro Branco, is a fascinating landscape of beaches, dunes and lagoons.

Canoa Quebrada: is a beach recalling to memory an entire generation of young dropouts who sought a new lifestyle in the 70's. Nowadays this beach numbers among the most popular in Ceará, yet without losing its primeval character and natural beauty. One of the main attractions of the beach are the sand dunes, and dune buggy rides which rival any standard rollercoaster ride in any theme park. There are also horseback rides and boat rides on offer for those who aren’t quite as daring. Other than that, the beach is perfect for relaxing and catching a tan.

Praia do Futuro: The Praia do Futuro with its outstanding infrastructure is the most popular swimming beach in Fortaleza. Especially on weekends, there is a lot going on. Due to the location and the sea currents, the water is especially clean at this beach.

Praia do Meireles: is where locals and tourists go to stroll, bring their children to the several play grounds, drink a coconut, sit down and watch people passing by. The "feirinha de artesanato" (handicraft marke) is in Meireles. Meireles is also the area with the highest number of hotels in Fortaleza.

In the north

Praia de Icaraí: This beautiful beach is very close to Fortaleza. Visit the imposing Dunes of Icaraí.

Lagoa do Banana: The lagoon in Cumbuco numbers among the most important recreational areas in the vicinity of Fortaleza

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