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Curitiba as model city of Brazil and South America has example to imitate and appreciate, here we introduce you the best images and photos of the Curitiba buildings, parks, gardens and charms. For example the Batel Soho of Curitiba with its beautiful fonts, the Amazing Positivo Theater of Curitiba, the Expo Trade and its exhibition of latest models of cars or The Parana University and its Greek infrastructure are reflect in these photos.

However the urban planning is amazing, too, and you can see examples of this affirmation here with images of the modern highways of Curitiba, the advanced Bus Stop of Curitiba, the Cathedral of Curitiba with its unique structure, its picturesque Streets and the moderns buses of the most development transportation system in Brazil. An additional note, Curitiba is nature; too, with its beautiful Sao Lourenco Park and its wonderful landscapes or its Bridge of Stone are example of this.

This page contains a large selection of Curitiba photos, city views, monuments, streets, attractions, etc. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

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