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On the north side of the city are the Centro Cívico and the Bosque João Paulo II, a 4 hectare/10 acre park named after Pope John Paul II. In the park is the Immigrants' Museum, mainly devoted to the Polish settlers in the region, with photographs, domestic equipment and implements illustrating their way of life.

The Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente (Unilivre) was inaugurated in 1991 on the National Environmental Day by city mayor Mr. Jaime Lerner, as a department of the City Hall of Curitiba. The inauguration on June 5, 1992 had the presence of the French oceanographer and maritime scientist Jacques Costeau, one of the main defenders of the environment in the world, who emphasized on his speech that “the preservation of the environment is a collective duty, and thus everybody must have access to information to do it. It is catered for the teaching of practices, knowledge and experiments related to environmental issues, mainly problems and solutions related to the disorganized growth of cities and as a center of information for professionals dealing with the environment. Unilivre is a non-governmental organization, ands thus it is not a university for a formal teaching. Just free knowledge.

On the west side of the city, which is traversed by BR 277, the road to Ponta Grossa, are the Barigui Park (6km/4mi from the city center) and the Santa Felicidade district. The park, which has an area of 1,500,000sq.m/1,800,000sq.yds, contains a large lake, expanses of forest, sports facilities, a children's playground and a track for model cars. Also within the park are the Automobile Museum and an exhibition center.

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