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Weather in Curitiba

The weather of Curitiba is subtropical with soft and warm winters between May and August. Otherwise the summers are rainy from December to March. These climate factors are a result of two Geographic characteristic of Curitiba, its proximity to sea and its altitude (approximately 1000 meters above sea level). The city is locate on a plateau and for this reason the climate of Curitiba is colder than the surrounding lowland areas.

Besides, in summers the temperatures reach the 26 degrees Celsius and drop to 15 degrees Celsius. Otherwise the two transition season like spring and autumn present the same climates characteristics with temperatures that oscillate from 22 to 12 degrees Celsius between them. But a singular characteristic of Curitiba Weather is that the rainfalls, the warm and the haze can be present, all at once, in the same day.

Temperatures in Curitiba range from 7.75 to 26.15 (Celcius).

Weather in Curitiba

Rainfall in Curitiba varies from 228.0 to 723.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Curitiba

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