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Getting Curitiba

Get in

By bus: Curitiba is about 6 hours by coach from São Paulo.
By plane: Curitiba is one of the major cities of Brazil, and you should have no difficulty getting a plane from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or other major cities. Flights to Foz do Iguaçu usually have connections in Curitiba anyways. Major brazilian airlines such as Gol, Varig and TAM maintain flights from other Brazilian big cities to Curitiba in a daily basis.
By car: Coming from São Paulo use BR-116 South. From Florianópolis use BR-101. From Porto Alegre use BR-116 North.

Get around

Curitiba has a very simple and practical transportation system. Public transportation consists entirely of buses. There are several different types of bus, each with a different function.

Moving around in a car can be difficult in and around the city centre because of the many one-way streets and constant traffic jams. This makes the public transportation system more attractive if one wants to go there. The trinary system allows quick access to the city centre for car drivers. Some avenues are spacious and laid out in a grid, and apart from some points around the city centre, Munhoz da Rocha Street and Batel Avenue, traffic jams aren't thus severe.

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