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There is a great variety of restaurants, bars, fast food, etc. Where you can find typical or not typical food, but always with good atmosphere. Food is very cheap here, just as all the rest of Brazil. There are cafes and restaurants everywhere, so finding a good bite to eat is never a hassle. The best restaurants are the ones that advertise "Por Quilo", these restaurants have a buffet style self serving structure and are priced according to the weight of the food, the usual price for a kilo of food is about 12 Reals.

Other good places for eat are:

Pizzeria Gepetto: This restaurant began as a small room serving the best pizza in town, so you can imagine how crowded it was. In its old times, guest could append their own suggestions or recipes on the menu freely... After some time they moved to another place, offering more space and still the most delicious pizza ever. Definetely order the pizza called "Grilo Falante".

Au Au: Salads or fast food. They are served in huge bowls and they are very tasty. This place is also very traditional in the city by its hotdogs, which are sold either in the shop or by the street vendors right in front of the store (on the sidewalk).

Beto Batata: Offers good food with great atmosphere, The specialty at Beto Batata are large potato tortillas filled with various items of your choosing (e.g., vegetables, meat, cheeses, etc.) These batatas are big enough for 2-4 people.

Caruso: Don't pay attention to its Italian name, this restaurant is citywide famous by its Wednesday "Feijoada", this typical Brazilian dish (rice, black beans, sausages, dryed meat, sided by borecole, orange slices and sauce) and also by its display of typical "salgadinhos", snacks very popular in Brazil. During normal weekdays it is always visited by employees of the nearby companies, but the best day without any doubt is the famous Wednesday. A nice atmosphere makes us remind of home and the staff makes it even real. Opens from 9h to 19h30 (Mondays to Fridays); and from 10h to 18h (Saturdays).

Yume: This restaurant is located in one calm neighborhood called Agua Verde. Its is not a big place, but very typical and its dishes are definitely very good, since you can find japanese almost every evening eating there. If you like real good japanese sushis, sashimis, yakisobas, etc... you have to try it.

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