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The city of Curitiba

Curitiba was born in the shade of Paraná pines a little over three hundred years ago. Its name bears its native heritage: kur ity ba, as the Indians used to call the pine-kernels, the fruits of the Paraná pines and the symbolic tree of Paraná. The city came into being when the gold prospectors from the coast travelled up-river to the Serra do Mar arriving at the plains. The first nucleus settled on the banks of the River Atuba in a place called Vilinha. Soon afterwards, the urban centre was transferred to the site of the present Tiradentes Square. It was in this area that the town of Nossa Senhora da Luz do Pinhais had its beginnings, being officially founded on March 29th, 1693. In 1842, the town acquired city status with the name Curitiba, before being elevated to state capital in 1853.

Curitiba was one of the preferred places of European immigrants that arrived on Brazil since the XIX century - mainly Germans, Italians, Poles and Ukrainians. The presence of these people had a great influence on the way of city. Besides the typical accents, the cookery of the restaurants reveals the origins of its population.

Curitiba is a well planned and modern city with a number of attractions, such as it's famous parks. There is a railway line, first in Brazil going from Curitiba to Paranagua thorugh the mountains. The journey itself is breathtaking.

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