Brazil travel guide



Brazil Travel Guide

Travelling with Kids

Traveling with children can be stressful, but with enough preparation you can ensure a relatively tears-free trip

Before traveling to more exotic locales, in particular with children, be sure to visit the Center for Disease Control's website: "Always check to see which shots are required and if there are any medical warnings. "Most inoculations take a week or two to take effect, so schedule your appointment for three to six weeks before leaving. Most shots last several years, so use it as an excuse to continue traveling." Avoid traveling with a sick child, as symptoms may worsen with the stress of travel.

There are plenty of activities to keep children busy in Brazil. Local Brazilians take their children everywhere and you'll feel comfortable doing the same.

Amazon Rainforest
If you're planning a family trip, the Amazon is a must-see. The range of family-friendly lodges and tours will ensure children have a safe and educational experience.

São Paulo
If you are heading to São Paulo, you can keep the little ones occupied with theme parks, a science museum, zoo and Butantã (a snake study centre). The city also has a range of sporting arenas, shows and public parks. Siqueira Campos Park offers a good break from the bustle of the city with its several small play areas featuring swings, teeter-totters and slides.

Rio de Janeiro
Rio main family attraction is the beach. Leblon in particular offers a free play area with toys for toddlers. Jardim Zoológico is the city zoo, and always popular with the little ones. For an educational experience, try Museu do Indio in Botafogo where children can play with stamps and body paints to create native designs. There are models of native Indian houses that can be played in as well. Parque do Catete offers a toy library; where you can hire toys by the hour. If you get too hot, take the kids to Wet 'N Wild Rio, a massive water park open daily September through until May.

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