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Job Search in Brazil Job search in Brazil, with a different language and a complete and diverse culture, is a big challenge; the cultural shock is sometimes a problem in the beginning so patience and persistence will be your best allies through this hard process. Brazil, as a big country, has many job opportunities. The “samba nation” has one of the largest labor forces in the world; main cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are crowded with job offers.

So the first thing to do in order to find a job in Brazil is to know yourself very well: What do you do? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? These compulsory questions are really important and must be clearly answered if you want to stand out from the rest.

Being a skilled foreigner in Brazil is not enough so the second thing, though not less important, is learning the local language. Sometimes Brazilian companies usually hire native workers because foreigners don’t have competent language skills. Learning the Portuguese language is very important when looking for a job. Portuguese is not a difficult language to understand or speak, you should learn by undertaking intense immersing pre-recorded programs at a local college or with a tutor. Be sure to speak a considerable Portuguese because you will carry out a spoken job interview.

The job interview plays a crucial role in the Brazilian application procedure, Brazilian job interview tend to be a bit more personal, and sometimes some humor can help you create affinity with the interviewer. However, be sure about the technical terms in Portuguese and the general rules they usually handle in order to impress your employers.

If you are coming to Brazil to work, it is necessary you investigate a little more about the labor market, the job interview questions that are generally used, employment agencies, important companies, information about the salary and some work customs are really important. A good way of starting your hunt is by checking the websites of companies you want to apply to.

A Brazilian resume has to be simple and efficient at the same time, don’t use many details trying to exaggerate your qualifications. Brazilian employers are not interested in personal information so leave out elementary education and marital status and focus on demonstrating the skills and qualifications that are required for the position.

Your resume sample should contain:
  • Personal information (Dados Pessoais) - Contact info, date of birth, surname, and forename are to be included in this section.
  • Progress Education (Formação Acadêmica)
  • Professional work experience (Experiência profissional) in this part you should put the work period, position and the company name.
  • Advance qualification (Aperfeiçoamento profissional) Includes abilities, capabilities and professional skills.
  • Language and computer skills (Línguas e informática) In order to work in the country.
  • Additional information (Informações adicionais) seminars, workshops, volunteer work, internship information related to the position should be included in this part of the resume templates.  
A cover letter is essential when you send your resume to companies in Brazil, it has to be one page long and typed in A4 format, and the resume should not be longer than two pages, Brazilian companies use the chronological resume type, if you want to see more resume examples you can search many websites that have this kind of information. An exceptional cover letter has to include your personal information for the desired position and write your work experience and qualifications in a professional way. Keep in mind that the cover letter has to be concise.

Once you got the job you have to think of the Visa, to ensure your permanence in the country. Acquire a Brazilian tax card (Cadastro de pessoa f'ísica) as soon as you arrive in town. A Temporary V General Work is required for foreign employees. It takes approximately two months to process the permit and it is valid for two years

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