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Art in Brazil

Brazil is a multicultural country that was influenced by great migration flows during all its history. In this way different art styles are presents in Brazil, many of these are combined with the ancient art of Brazilian Indians creating new styles of art, for example in the art of body expression, the Capoeira, a Brazilian fighting style, is the perfect example. In music, the Bossa Nova is other example of Brazilian Art Expression.

Besides the theater is very develop in the country, with many of theater plays exposed during all year and with many movie and television productions per year, Brazil is really a cinematic power in South America. The Brazilian art schools are other centers of creation in the country, every year this art schools can show its creation in the Carnival of Brazil with amazing floats, giant puppets and statues. Of course, the samba and the Brazilian Dance schools deserve a special mention.

The blue sea beaches and the vibrating rhythm of the Samba dance give you awesome views of natural sights and a glimpse into the vibrant art and culture of Brazil. A trip to the proud land of Brazil remains incomplete without acknowledging the variability of the various aspects of Brazilian art and culture.

Film schools

Film schools in Brazil

The audiovisual industry has been increasing in the last years in the entire world, and it has a tendency to grow in Brazil; in cities such as: Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo or Rio Grande, there are Film schools which offer educational programs that include courses such as anthropology, art, history, and also practical courses as handling of cameras.

Music schools in Brazil

Music in Brazil is part of their history and culture, rhythms like samba and bossa nova are Brazilian; therefore there are some Music Schools, also called musical conservatories, the time of study usually is 2 years, and students learn to play instruments as Piano, guitar, bass and drums, also learn vocal techniques and take some courses about music theory.
Music schools

Dance schools

Dance schools in Brazil

There are a lot of Dance schools in Brazil in all the cities and for all ages, for people who want to learn to dance for pleasure, fitness and also for people who want to be professional dancers and get a dance degree. In Brazil, the schools teach principally rhythms such as: Samba, Choro, Maracatu, Carimbo, Lambada and Latin dance.

Image schools in Brazil

The image management includes the processing, compression, storage, printing and display of images; generally in Image Schools, the students learn digital image management, also take courses about marketing, because they can work in magazines, newspapers, and in media, transmitting ideas to people.
Image schools

Beauty schools

Beauty schools in Brazil

Some Beauty Schools offer only practical courses, but other offer a balance in practical and theoretical instruction, These schools prepare to their students to have their own salons or spas, any way a professional in beauty can find a job in hotels, in TV or movie sets, in a beauty product manufactures or also with celebrities.

Art schools in Brazil

The art as a career, include the painting, photography, fashion design, animation, game design, sculpture, and many others, the principal skill for people who want to study in Art Schools is the creativity, for choosing an school, it is important to consider the school infrastructure, the programs offered and specially the school reputation.
Art schools

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