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Tail end of the city

The best place in town to get a great view is from the top of the main Television Tower. There is also a restaurant at the first floor. At the west side of Esplanada dos Ministerios, visit also the National Museum which has an interesting historical displays and a comprehensive firearms collection. Unlike many other towns in Brazil, in Brasilia you need a car for almost everything. Even not being a big city, the distances here are not for walking.

The Television Tower is located in the central area of the Pilot Plan, in between the two avenues of the Monumental Axis (check out this map with the location of the tower). The tower is at a walking distance from the hotels sector; care must be exercized to cross the usually busy avenues of the Monumental Axis.

The tower is 218 meters (715 ft) high; this is the highest tower in Latin America. The observation deck is 75 meters (246 ft) high. At 25 meters, there is a lower deck, which houses the National Museum of Gemstones.

Access to the observation deck is via elevator only. Access is free of charge. The tower stays opened until 8 pm; several people climb the tower to watch sunset. In the area around the tower there is a handicraft fair.

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