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Brasilia, one of the newest cities in the world was designed, constructed and inaugurated in central Brazil with one specific purpose: Being the capital of the country. Fifty years ago, the men behind this huge project had one dream in common. Building the city of the future. A city for people, with generous open spaces everywhere, where men could see the horizon, feel the breeze, be part of that environment, and at the same time would be surrounded by modern and functional buildings, designed for turning everyday life and activities into something rational and conveniently agreeable.

Brasilia has many famous and beatiful buildings. One of them is Catetinho, the first stage in the creation of Brasília, where President Kubitschek lived during the construction of the capital.

Another beatiful construction is Palacio do Congresso (Capitol Building). Its shape flanked by two bowls, one facing up and one facing down is, at the same time beautiful and abstract, and soon became the most recognizable icon in town. Actually those bowls are the upper parts of the National Senate and Chamber of Deputies halls. The center tall buildings among them houses some offices. At right the Central Bus Station, and behind it, reminding maybe a pyramid, the National Opera House.

Another important attraction is the sculpture of "Candangos", those who worked so hard for many years during the construction of the city. Behind it, the Presidential Palace. The important buildings in Brasilia were all designed by world wide famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer whose pure geometry and futuristic forms and shapes can be found everywhere in Town. Working together with designers Roberto Burle Marx, and Lucio Costa they achieved a collection of buildings that has rightly been called the highest expression of architectural Modernism on earth.

Brasilia's most important leisure space is Parque da Cidade, with grass fields intersected by jogging and cycle paths.

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