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Best time to visit Brasilia is around April to June, when most of the day are clear and not too much dry. If you plan to visit the city for some days only, and want to really feel its beating heart, try to avoid Saturdays and Sundays. As home of Brazil government, most of the people working here are related one way or another to the government offices and many of them leave town on weekends, so the city gets somewhat empty. The city is just 90 minutes flight from Rio, and is connected with daily flights to every point in the country. A visit to Brasilia will be specially interesting for those who love architectural arts and urbanism.

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Explore Brasilia
Around Brasilia Beyond the central sights Cathedral
Around Brasília
Brasilia is a modern city and one of the newest in south America.
Beyond the central sights
You'll find several attractions beyond the central sights of Brasilia.
Visit the Cathedral of Brasilia that boasts several art-works.
Commercial sectors Power Complex Tail end of the city
Commercial sectors
Useful information for going shopping in Brasilia, including commercial sectors.
Power Complex
The Power complex features many impresive buildings of Brasilia.
Tail end of the city
This place offers great views and opportunities for entertainment.
Teatro Nacional
Teatro Nacional
The teatro Nacional is one of the most famous attractions in Brasilia.

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