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Weather in Brasilia

The weather in Brazilia, the Brazilian capital is semiarid with define seasons according to level of air humidity, in this way one season is dry and cold while the other is wet and warm. The average annual temperature is 20.5 degrees Celsius. October is the month is the hottest month of the year with the highest temperatures of up to 29 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, June is the coldest month in the year with temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius and less.

However, the perfect season to visit Brasilia is between April to June when the Brasilia's sky is bluer than ever, an unique show. In opposition, between August and September is present the driest period of year with magnificent trees that bloom in purple and yellow colors and the gray vegetation of the city. An additional note, the rainfalls begins in October generally. In conclusion, Brasilia has a variety of weathers, too.

Temperatures in Brasilia range from 13.85 to 30.3 (Celcius).

Weather in Brasilia

Rainfall in Brasilia varies from 21.0 to 861.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Brasilia

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