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Entertainment in Brasilia

It has been said that Brasília is a dead city at night, with not a lot to do or places to go, especially for the young. While this was true in the early life of the city (which some have said led to the birth of such popular bands as Legião Urbana and Capital Inicial), nowadays a thriving nightlife has sprouted.

Originally there where two sections of the city where bars and clubs where supposed to be built, the aptly named Setor de Diversões Sul e Setor de Diversões Norte (Entertainment Sector South and North, respectively). Today almost every "entrequadra" (the comercial street between the "Super Quadras") has at least one bar or restaurant, while a few are known to only have that type of commercial establishments. There are over 300 bars and restaurants in the Plano Piloto area alone, and a number of nightclubs have opened as well.

Cinema Festival
Brasilia hosts one of the most important festivals of Brazilian cinema. The Festival de Cinema Brasileiro takes place late October/early November and screens independent and mainstream movies that will hit the theaters the following year. Both short and feature films are presented, but the movies have no subtitles.

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