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Brasilia does not have a typical, regional cuisine. Nevertheless, restaurants serve food from many Brazilian states, as well as international fare. Self-service (por quilo) restaurants are very common and usually cheaper than their à la carte counterparts. Most of Brasilia's "real" (table service) restaurants are located at the residential wings, usually a bus or taxi ride away from most tourist attractions. One of the most popular streets is 405 sul (from rodoviaria, take bus 114), with choices ranging from sushi to Brazilian, Mexican and French food.


  • A convenient place for finding reasonably priced food is the food court of the Conjunto Nacional mall (also see Buy, below). The mall is located right beside the main bus terminal (rodoviaria) and at walking distance from many hotels and of the main attractions such as the Three Powers Square.
  • Local chain Giraffas (several locations around town) rivals McDonalds in the fast food market by serving sandwiches and cheap beef/chicken + rice-and-beans set meals.


  • Don'Durica – SCLN 201, Bloco A, (61) 3326-1045. (Mo-Sat 11:30am-3pm/6pm-midnight). This all-you-can-eat buffet offers more than 50 dishes for lunch, mainly from Minas Gerais cuisine.
  • Vegetarians may try and escape ubiquitous meat dishes of Brazilian cuisine at Bardana - SCLS 405 bloco A, (61) 3242-3532. Try the tropical juices too.


  • Patu Anu (SMLN ML trecho 12 Conjunto 1 casa 07 S. de Mansões do Lago (61) 3369-2788); Tu-Sat 08:30 to 02:30, Sun 13:30 to 18:00. Booking is recommended. A hideout at the distant Lago Norte zone that serves creative dishes that mix international recipes and national ingredients such as jacare (alligator), Brazil nuts, tropical fruits etc. Main dishes from R$ 40.
  • Villa Tevere - CLS 115 Bl. A - (61) 3345-5513 - Mo-Sat 12-15:00 and 19:30-1:00. Su 12-17:00. Cosy Italian restaurant with good wines.
  • Zuu aZdZ - CLS 210 - (61) 3244-1039 - Tue-Fri 12-15:00 and 20:00-00:00. Sat 20:00-00:00. Contemporary, cosmopolitan cuisine. The architecture of the restaurant is itself an attraction. Main dishes from R$ 60 to 180. Beverages cost three to four times their normal prices. Wine prices range from R$ 60 to R$ 10,000.
  • Akqavit Setor de Mansões Lago Norte - ML12 conjunto 1 casa 5 - (61) 3369-2301. Open for dinner only, Thu-Sat. Run by Danish national Simon Cederholm, this restaurant offers a six-course meal, which changes every month. Inspired by Scandinavian cuisine, the place is popular with Nordic visitors to Brasilia. Reservations are a must.


Despite not being particularly famous for its nightlife, Brasilia has some hangouts that save visitors from night-time boredom.
  • Beirute - SQS 109 Bloco A (take any bus that goes through Eixo W Sul, drop at 109 Sul), (61) 3244-1717, [7]. Opens daily, until 2am. One of the oldest and most traditional bars in town, serves reasonably priced beer and Arab food, and attracts a mixed crowd of students, journalists, gay people and intellectuals. Is also one of the best places to pick up flyers and find out the best parties to go.
  • Clube do Choro - Setor de Divulgação Cultural (Near the Convention Center) (61) 3327-0494 (, fax (61) 3425-1448) [8]. This club is also a school of choro, a genuinely Brazilian instrumental popular music style, played with a flute, guitar and cavaquinho (a small chordophone with four strings). Located near the TV tower, it has weekly presentations of national choro artists. Call in advance to check availability, as tickets are limited and often sold out days before the shows.
  • Gate's Pub - CLS 403 Bloco B. (61) 3225-4576/3322-9301 ( [9] This pub-cum-club has a dartboard and is one of the few places to offer a week-round choice of nights, ranging from Brazilian music to alternative electronic stuff. Opens Mo/We 9pm, Tu/Thu/Sat/Sun 10 pm. Fri 11pm. Admission R$ 5 - R$ 18 (there are usually discounts before 11 pm).
Alhthough the city's music scene is no longer vibrant as it was in the 80s - when it bred some of the greatest pop/rock talents of recent generations with bands like Capital Inicial and Legião Urbana - live shows of local bands are frequent. Daily listings in Portuguese can be found at the local newspapers or the Correioweb and Candango websites.

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