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In the area surrounding Belo Horizonte there are parks of great natural richness such as Mangabeiras, located six kilometres from the city in the Serra do Curral. This park provides an astonishing view of the capital with an area of 2.35 million m2, of which 900 000 m2 are native forest. There is also the Mata do Jambeiro nature reserve extending over 912 hectares, with vegetation typical of the Atlantic Forest. In it live more than one hundred species of birds and ten different species of mammals.

The beautiful and diversified mineiro craft can be purchased at the store Mão de Minas, a craftsmen cooperative from all over the state. Every Sunday morning, in the Afonso Pena avenue that crosses the city center, there's the Feira de Arte e Artesanato (Craftwork and Art Street Market), with almost 3 thousand tents.

From Belo Horizonte, the visits to historical cities from Minas Gerais are easier, as there are two airports and a well-structured road transport system. It has hotels with high level of comfort and high quality restaurants with different specialties.

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