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Weather in Belo Horizonte

The weather in Belo Horizonte is comfortable during all year; however it is classified like Tropical climate with dry season. In this way the annual average temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius. Besides the climate seasons in Belo Horizonte are well defined; the summer is rainy and warm with maxim temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius while in winter the precipitations are scarce and the temperatures drop. These declines are not very strong. In the coldest day the temperatures don’t drop of 10 degrees Celsius.

The humid in Belo Horizonte is around of the 65 % and the precipitations are present among the warmer months of October to March. Otherwise the weather is dry between April and September by the altitude of the city and its location, very far of the sea and the Amazon jungle. However, the weather of Belo Horizonte doesn’t have dramatic and strong changes, for this reason you can visit the city in any time of the year.

Temperatures in Belo horizonte range from 10.05 to 27.7 (Celcius).

Weather in Belo Horizonte

Rainfall in Belo horizonte varies from 27.0 to 930.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Belo Horizonte

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