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Eating & Drinking in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is another cosmopolitan city inside Brazil. You can find here a gastronomic wealth very important, since the tasty mining cuisine until the delights of International cuisine, besides you can taste its exotic drinks. Among the international restaurants of Belo Horizonte you can find restaurants by countries, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Arabs restaurants however the favorite establishments here are the Belo Horizonte traditional restaurants with its mining cuisine or the typical Brazilian food.

The mining cuisine (Cocina Mineira in Portuguese) born in XVII and XVIII centuries during the gold rush. In this time many people come from different part of Brazil to Belo Horizonte, the recipes bring by these immigrants were combined with the traditional recipes of Belo Horizonte gastronomy, the result was a new and delicious type of cuisine: the Mining cuisine and its methods of preparation in coal or wood ovens and solid cast iron pans.


For a good sample of traditional mineiro food, try one the two Dona Lucinha restaurants in town. There is one near the Liberdade Square:
  • Dona Lucinha II - Rua Sergipe, 811 - (31) 3261-5930 ( Mo-Fri 12-3pm and 8pm-midnight. Sat 12-5pm and 8pm-midnight. Sun 12-5pm. R$ 19-27.
If your food tastes lean toward brown rice and tofu, try Bem Natural. This is both a snack bar with tuna and chicken sandwiches on whole wheat, and a por quilo buffet with stuffed tomatoes, vegetarian feijoada, and brown rice. There are four locations in BH:
  • Av. Afonso Pena 941, Centro - (31) 3224-1385
  • Augusto de Lima 1652, Barro Preto - (31) 3295-2325
  • Bernardo Guimarães 166, Funcionários - (31) 3284-6680
  • Tomé de Souza 947, Savassi - (31) 3261-5676, open weekends and holidays too


People from BH are famous for their love of bars. The central Savassi neighborhood, also known as Funcionarios (Sergipe, Antônio de Albuquerque and Pernambuco streets) has dozens of bars.Also,at São Lucas neighborhood, at Contorno Avenue, you will find "Sociedad Pub", the best Pub in town (Contorno Av.,n.3849).Actually, the city is widely known (although without any confirmation) as the city with most bars per capita in the world.

You may know it only as an ingredient in vitamin pills, but here you can get fresh acerola puree in orange juice squeezed before your eyes. This is called a vitamina with good reason. The fruit is perishable and is stored on ice. Other fruits prepared the same way are abacaxi (pineapple), açaí, banana, and mamão (papaya).

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