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Weather in Belém

The weather of Belem is equatorial, warm and wet by the direct influence of the Amazon Rainforest where the rainfalls are constant, all months of year the rainfalls reach 60 mm. Since June until November the temperatures reach 41 degrees Celsius. The average annual temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall index is 1.900 mm. In general the weather of Belem is comfortable during all year except December, January, February and March when the winter is present.

The temperature in summer reach the 35 degrees Celsius, in winter the temperature can fall to 0 degrees Celsius. The rainfall season begin in middle of autumn and continue to April. But, undoubtedly, the city is influenced by the sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean. Belem receives among 7 hour of sun in winter and 13 hours in summer. The average humidity in the city is around 60 % and reaches a high level between January and February.

Temperatures in Belem range from 22.15 to 32.85 (Celcius).

Weather in Belém

Rainfall in Belem varies from 198.0 to 1488.0 (mm/month).

Rainfall in Belém

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