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The city of Belem is the capital of Brazilian Region of Pará. 55 little island are surrounding the city, most of them are wild and uninhabited, among them are famous islands like the Moskeiro Islands with its 14 beautiful beaches and the Caratateua Island that receive every year a great number of tourist and visitants. Other important is the Tatuoca Island in this place is located the only geodesic station in Latin America, one of seven in the world.

When you look a Belem map you will find these islands and many other charms, too. The first map shows us the location of Belem inside Brazil. The second map brings us the main ports that have Belem. The third map shows the main highways and routes that cross the region and the fourth map bring us the places, localities and rivers of this City. These entire maps are well signposted for your help.

Click on the maps of Belém to enlarge them:

Belém Map

Belém Map

Belém Map

Belém Map


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